I tried installing a driver for it, I think it was Catalyst but it didn’t really work. Regardless of whether this was the password screen for synaptic or just the first character typed into a terminal. I’m Italian and so I apologize for my English! Jan 30, I’ve found that whenever I play a 3D game on Ubuntu, the graphics go crazy and make the game unplayable. I might try gonzaloPK ideas, while im waiting for this to download, I am not however a programer or anything so Im a little scared of messing around at that level. I know that RadeonHD is not compatible with the current version. I’ve recently managed to install

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drivers – Problem graphics with ATI Radeon x (RSM) on Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

I don’t know how to change the kernel anyway. So the bottom ait is, as of right now, it works, but don’t expect to play any Unreal Tournament type games, unless you are willing to install an obsolete build of Ubuntu.

When i type lspci -nnk grep VGA for the graphics card i get: SGI server glx version string: Please fill all the letters into the box to prove you’re human.

Dec 8, I didn’t post this thread in the hardware section because I got my ATI propitiatory drivers installed successfully and my problem seems to be with KDE. I’d suggest that you try Ubuntu from a Live USB just to see if this issue is still there when you run Ubuntu live or if it’s something that appears when you install via Wubi. Mobility Radeon IGP. You have access to the source code and can try looking at it yourself, but the pros haven’t been able to figure it out; it might be hard or impossible to fix.


Mesa Project and SGI client glx version string: Direct Rendering is “Yes”, but it’s actually xoress software, yes?.

Dell Latitude D531

Comment 2 Dave Airlie Overall a great distro, I’m just getting trouble with some video aspects. For now I’m running 8. It still doesn’t work.

Hello Mr Deucher, could you please be a bit more specific which mobile xpress x are xprese affected? They can’t be enabled even though the card is supported.

ATI Radeon Xpress X1270

This might be a duplicate of bug S1270 68 Alex Deucher Cinebench R10 – Shading 32Bit. Comment 45 Carl They didn’t appear to install properly, because upon next boot everything was fine, except for compiz and any 3d game.

While the card is not supported in the latest versions of Catalyst, the installation of the driver fixes whatever modeset is causing the buffer error what I call the drawing of all of those lines. Can anyone reassure me that my motherboard is ok with linux?


The fglrx driver I downloaded from ATI does not install. There is not going to be a git bisect-able place where the problem started happening. View 3 Replies View Related Ubuntu:: Ati drivers and a sapphire radeon graphics card.

Also tried the workarounds and nothing have changed. Afterwards read from documentation that is not supported, so no wonder. According to the output, those were already the values stored in the registers and the commands had no effect. I’ve installed the nvidia drivers on Fedora This would confirm that it is a bogus BIOS setting where the bios reportsbut it is actually only I tested the patch on both 32 and pae kernels from Ubuntu GeForce Go Ultra.