How to Copy Documents To change the 4. Paper Size Select Allows you to assign a particular paper size to the paper tray. Opened under the following circumstances: Page 54 2. Be sure to adjust the Document Guide Plates to fit the paper. Do not continue to use the copier when it is in a troubled state.

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The package and the ordered cartridges inside are in excellent conditions. There are four modes to choose from: The following indicator will appear in the display after clearing the paper misfeed: How to reset the machine Press the Power Switch to turn the machine off, then on again.

To make a full-size copy on paper of the same size as the mionlta, set the document step 1specify the number of copies to be generated step 6and press the Start Key step 7.

Do not continue to use the copier when it is in a troubled state. Page 41 7.

The selected paper size is larger Specify a paper size that is appropriate to the original than the original document zoom Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Chapter 7 Miscellaneous Specifying The Zoom Ratio 5. The Total Check Function 1. User’s Choice Mode 2.


Paper Size and Zoom Ratio Table All product listed on this site is liquidation merchandise – you can assume that it will function properly and we do guarantee thathowever it will not be in nice pretty packaging. Track your order Order number: Follow the procedure provided below to replenish the paper supply when this indicator is displayed. Selecting Paper Trays Using the Manual Bypass Tray Use this tray to minola documents onto paper that is not otherwise loaded into the machine or to copy onto OHP transparencies or specialty paper types.

Konica Minolta Toner Cartridges and Refill Kits

If the copier develops trouble, contact a Konica representative for service. Did you find the text easy to read? Enter text from picture: Page 66 4.

Page 67 4. All OEM product comes with a warranty direct from the manufacturer. Non-Sort This mode outputs copies of original documents Copies just as they are loaded into the machine. Terms and Symbols for Original Types and Copy Paper A few special terms and symbols are konics in this manual to designate types of originals and copy paper.


Yes No Don’t know. There are three modes to choose from: Close the Upper Half of Machine.

Konica Minolta 7415 Toner Cartridges and Refill Kits

Precautions for Routine Handling Tray Priority for Printer Mode Allows you to set the prioritized tray for feeding paper into the machine when outputting documents from a personal computer. Failure to follow these instructions may cause a misfeed, damage to the original or other complications.

Page 54 2. Insert the paper as far as possible into the Manual Bypass Tray. Paper Empty Indicator 3.

Installing The Copier 2. However, if you have an ongoing demand for a large quantity of a product, we encourage you to get in touch so that we can hunt it down for you.